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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 12, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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wiler had a strong night, going six innings and giving up just one run. >> as you can imagine, the win had fans going nuts for the nats, and there were signs from the night's heroes everywhere -- from jayson werth's jersey to werth beards, of course. he was also a big seller in the team gift shop for his season saving blast. washington has a chance to close out the series tonight. game five starts at 8:37. you can still be a part of it. standing room only tickets go on sale at 10:00 this morning. >> after a heart breaker in extra innings, the orioles got their own 13-inning win. j.j. hardy knocked in the winning run, and the o's pitching staff held on for a 2-1 victory. that forces a game five between the orioles and yankees tonight. first pitch at yankee stadium at 5:07. i made the point before, i live
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four blocks or so away from that stadium, and i never hear anything coming from the stadium. last night sitting in my living room, i could hear people losing it. >> forget fireworks, they were making their own fireworks. it was so incredible, so awesome. i only watched it on tv, but still terrific. >> everyone a little tired this morning. maybe the chill will wake folks up when they step outside. it's not going to be anything like what tomorrow is expected to be. already for tomorrow morning, a freeze watch is up. th morning we range from 37 to 50. laytonsville. and it's currently 40 degrees in camp springs. we are under a mostly clear sky right now, and i'm expecting a mixture of clouds and sunshine today. i'm not expecting any rain, but there will be another cold front coming through. a rain that will be chilling us through the overnight. clouds are 42 to 50 degrees at
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8:00 a.m. by lunchtime, partly sunny, breezy, and cool. and by 5:00 today, partly sunny, breezy, and as the front comes through around 5:00, the winds will be picking up. could have gusts up to 25 miles per hour. temperatures 60 to 65 and falling fast. i'll be back in ten minutes with the four-day forecast. right now, first 4 traffic. here's what you're facing if you're about to leave the house, road work. very light volume in our area. let's first start with the beltway. if you're traveling the beltway, inner loop and outer loop, same story. the exit ramp from the inner loop and outer loop to little river turnpike, that's where you find the work zone. you can't take the exit ramps right now. hopefully, that should be over around 5:00 a.m. let's talk about the inner loop and outer loop of the beltway at university boulevard. construction blocks the left lane. i drove past. it's not bad at all. the volume is very light. stick to the right lanes and get by the road work there. heading up to i-270, road work
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again at 80, affecting your northbound and southbound lanes. right now one lane will get you by in both directions on i-270. again, very light volume on i-270. not hard to get around that work zone. and giving you a live look as you make your way past germantown road. southbound and northbound, travel lanes are open, and you're clear as you connect to the beltway. i'm back in ten. aaron, over to you. >> thank you, danella. in just about 30 minutes, we'll know the winner of the 2012 nobel peace prize. broadcaster nlk has confirmed the european union will receive this year's nobel peace prize. we'll know for sure in just a little bit. as soon as we learn, we'll let you know on nbc 4. with less than a month until election day, this morning mitt romney will hold another rally in the commonwealth. the republican presidentia candidate will speak at the mobility super center in richmond. romney will also join his
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running mate paul ryan at a rally in lancaster, ohio. president obama does not have a rally planned today, however tonight he'll host a dinner for winners of a contest. for 90 minutes last night, joe biden and paul ryan went back and forth on a variety of issues, including the economy, the crisis in syria, health care, and abortion. on tax reform, ryan said there aren't enough rich americans to pay for all the president's spending. vice president joe biden said the only way to pay for romney's plan is to raise middle class taxes. the two also sparred on iran. >> we will not allow the iranians to get a nuclear weapon. >> they're moving faster towards a nuclear weapon. it's because the administration has no credibility on this issue. >> there is no weapon the iranians have at this point. you going to go to war? is that what you want to do now?
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>> we want to prevent war. >> ryan said he agreed with the president to pull troops out of the country by 2014 but said the white house should not announce a deadline and expose potential weakness. both the president and mitt romney said they're pleased with how their running mates did. the president watched the face-off on air force one as he returned to d.c. from a campaign in miami. romney watched it from a hotel room in north carolina after a campaign event. the two presidential candidates will debate again themselves next tuesday, october 16th. the u.s. is hoping to build a public-private partnership to fight cyber attacks. this comes as the u.s. points the finger at iran as a source of recent cyber attacks on oil and gas companies in the persian gulf. they appear to be in retaliation for u.s. sanctions against the country. panetta called those attacks possibly the most destructive the private sector has seen yet.
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today a civil liberties and advocacy group will put out its own ads in metro stations to combat the ads that are pro israel. cares campaign in response to the anti-jihad posters. a c.a.r.e. spokesperson hasn't said what the ads will say,ut they will promote mutual understanding and challenge hate. a montgomery county child defies death after a fall out of a window nine stories up. the 4-year-old boy fell out of an apartment window on the 9th story of an apartment building on piney branch road in silver spring. a tree helped break that boy's fall. neighbors found the boy in a bush crying in pain. >> after that fall, he's a very lucky child. >> police say the boy's family was home at the time. the boy was taken to children's hospital with a broken femur and head injury.
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>> a sea of pink will descend on the d.c. region in support of breast cancer. thousands of people will walk 60 miles to raise money and find a cure. last year's walk raised more than $7 million. today participants will start at the d.c. armory, travel to pentagon row, back to the white house, and end at rfk stadium. an opening ceremony will be held this morning at 6:30. right now the shuttle "endeavour" is on the move for the final time. less than two hours ago, it left los angeles international airport for a very slow 12-mile journey to the california science center. that trip will take two days. the transporter that the shuttle is being carried on is only moving at two miles an hour. in order to make this happen, crews had to cut down 400 trees and remove dozens of traffic lights. in some places, the shuttle will come within inches of buildings. >> yikes. >> that would be cool to see. you cannot reach out and touch it. >> watch out you don't get in the way.
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4:37. ahead on "news 4 today," doing what they can to help. the donation to a family of a man found beaten in eastern market.
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take away his toys and he'll play with a stick. take away their bikes and they'll still find a way to get where they're going. but if take you away early childhood education... slash k-12 funding... and cut college aid for middle class families
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... they won't go far. yet that's exactly what mitt romney wants to do... pay for a $250,000 tax break for multi-millionaires. if mitt romney wins, the middle class loses. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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may juror troubjor traffic s angeles overnight. heavy rain and flooding shut down the 60 freeway for about three miles as rising water snarled traffic there. even though it's caused huge backups, no accidents were reported. >> thank goodness because that's a huge mess. time for weather and traffic on the ones. storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson saying it's going to be cooler. we're talking about frost and freezing temperatures coming our way during the overnight period. by the way, that flooding there in los angeles that you saw, that same system will be making its way eastward, giving us a little bit of rain early part of next week, and a big severe weather outbreak for the nation's midsection. take a look at the temperatures. we are in the 30s. bowie at 39 degrees. 49 in georgetown. bethesda, montgomery county also coming in at 39 degrees. here's a look at our hour by hour forecast. 9:00 a.m. noontime. we move from 52 to 60.
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a cool one today and breezy too. your high 64 degrees. here's a look at the four-day forecast. a little bit of rain coming monday, maybe get a thunderstorm. for the weekend, we're going to turn the tables a bit, move from the 60s to 70s for highs. we'll talk about that coming up in about ten minutes. now, first 4 traffic. still checking out road work in the area. if you're traveling north i-95 heading from 495 as you make your way from powder mill road, going to see construction on the left side of the roadway for you. talking at least two of the left lanes. going to have to stick by to get to the roadway. no issues between the baltimore beltway and the capital beltway, nice and clear. and 50 as well in maryland, no issues to report. a live look at 301, nice and clear, as you connect to new york avenue. i don't see any accidents or road work. aaron and eun, over to you. still to come this morning, the possible mistake that kept firefighters from getting to
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this town home fire faster.
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a jet intercepted by turkey earlier this week was carrying russian ammunition and military equipment. that's according to turkey's foreign ministry. they forced that syrian flight to land on wednesday. state media reports missile parts, radio receivers, and other equipment was found on board. syria called the incident piracy and the search of the plane was illegal. it further heightens tensions between syria and turkey, who have been firing shells at each other since last week. today authorities in colorado hope they can say if or not they found the body of a missing girl. today marks one week since the disappearance of 10-year-old jessica ridgeway. earlier police discovered a
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dismembered body in a rural park seven miles from the girl's home. police are trying to determine if it could be jessica. the 10-year-old has not been seen since leaving for school last friday morning. it is 15 before the hour. the meningitis outbreak continues to spread this morning. according to the cdc, virginia has 30 confirmed cases of the infection. 9 cases have been reported in maryland. one person in each of thoeds states died, bringing the nationwide death toll to 14. in all, 170 people have been sickened in the outbreak that is now spanning 11 states. the massachusetts pharmacy linked to the tainted steroid shots, has recalled all of its products. two of the three suspects arrested for beating and robbing a man in eastern market will be in court this morning. thomas macelin has been in the hospital since august. he is now blind in one eye and unable to walk or feed himself. last night a $10,000 trust was announced for his family. his wife abby accepted the donation and talked about a safety festival being held this
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weekend. >> part of the greater community, and this event is not only a reminder that we are a member of this community, but it's a very real, visceral experience for us to bond together in a way we should be doing everything day. it should be take horrible circumstances such as these to kind of inspire that spirit. >> thomas branch and sonny couti are due in court this morning. the third defendant, michael moore, waived his hearing. an alexandria woman will learn how long she'll spend in jail for a deadly road rage attack. gloria mcmillan will plead guilty to a felony hit and run. she ran over a 21-year-old during an argument back in may. arrington was on her way to the hospital to see her mother, who was recovering from a stroke. today a frederick county family will host a homecoming dance. this comes after preston deener was bullied in front of a reporter. last week deener was suspended for a week for fighting off
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bullies in class. tonight they're hosting a homecoming dance. they expect 150 people to attend. there will be petitions on bullying awareness for students and parents to sign. students at the university of maryland meet with campus officials to discuss safety concerns. last night officials walked through the grounds and examined areas students identified as unsafe. this comes after three students were robbed at gunpoint near campus wednesday night. police believe the same man is behind other recent robberies. this morning several families in montgomery county are out of their homes after fire tears through a row of townhomes. this happened along cannes avenue in olney, maryland, last night. one home is in total loss while two others were damaged. it started when plumbers were using a torch to work on the pipes. neighbors say they were shocked to see the homes go up in flames. >> everything the family had in there just went away, gone. it's mind boggling. i cannot believe it. >> the red cross is assisting
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those families, but it does not appear anyone was hurt. new ethics questions for another member of the d.c. council this morning. according to an independent review, council member jim graham violated metro's code of conduct while serving on the transit system's board back in 2008. graham reportedly offered to support a developer's bid for a city lottery contract if the developer withdrew from a real estate project near a metro station. graham said he wouldn't comment until he read the report. the report says there was no criminal activity. >> a troubled transit center in silver spring is facing new delays. the center located right next to the metro station is already years behind schedule. now a new problem could said it back another year. officials discovered the concrete used in the facility is cracking. >> the extent of the cracking and the nature of cracking in this particular structure is of particular concern. some of the cracks appear to go through the deck.
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>> neighbors and nearby businesses say they're tired of the unfinished eyesore. it's costing more than $100 million. coming up at ten minutes before the hour on this friday morning. a little chilly out. i still had the window down a little bit coming in. >> down, wow? >> just a little crack. >> do you put the heat on in your car and turn the window down. >> yes. i know those. >> the fresh air is nice. it's so crisp and inviting this morning. >> i'm picking on him, but i sometimes do the same thing. >> it's not just me. >> mix it all up. >> it's too cold for me to open the window. >> if the heat's on, it does mix it up. >> i'll try it. okay. who am i? >> try it at least. >> i don't think i'm going to be doing it tomorrow morning, though. >> no? >> because it's going to be too cold. >> oh, really. >> a lot of folks, you and i, out with the kids a little early, the activities. a lot of you, i know, have places to go tomorrow morning. it is going to be cold.
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there are some locations north and west of montgomery, maybe loudoun county, tomorrow morning that could be starting out in the upper 20s. right now 49 degrees, reagan national airport. we've got a clear sky, a light wind out of the southwest. at the bus stop, 43 to 51 degrees. dry nconditions, cool condition, you bet. a jacket still needed for this morning. what's going on is that area of high pressure that brought us all the sunshine yesterday, that's made its way east. it's just off the coast. today we get this. another cold front moving through. like that last front, it's going to move through dry. not expecting any rain. you best bet, this is one strong cold front. temperatures all the way into ohio, areas north, pennsylvania, new york, going to be tumbling tonight down into the 20s to our north. we've got sunshine on tap for saturday. a few clouds come into the area for sunday. not looking at any rain until the beginning of next week on monday with this front. that's the one that's been
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producing the heavy rain. it will even produce mountain snow through areas of the southwest, but it will be a big severe weather producer on saturday. we're going to be looking at this system very closely. may get a thunderstorm, a rumble of thunder around here on monday, with a little bit of wet weather. for today, breezy, getting gusty for the afternoon. we top out 60 to 65 degrees. that's about where we were yesterday. today feeling a lot like it did. winds settle down this evening. we'll be dropping from the low 50s to the mid-40s. there's a look at the frost and freeze watch that is up. actually, it's a freeze watch. it covers all those areas, howard county, fauquier county, prince william county for tomorrow morning. we're at 64 degrees for today. 62 on saturday. 73 on sunday with a little bit of rain coming back on monday. danella? >> good morning. still checking the roadways for you, not bad at all. not seeing any reports of accidents in the area. traveling on 66, we'll check it right now together as you make your way in both directions.
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no issues really from hay market earlier. really there's an accident westbound in hay market. those issues are open east and westbound from hay market. here's a live look as you drive past the visitors center eastbound and westbound, travel lanes are open. getting closer to the beltway. here's what it looks like. as you head eastbound towards the beltway on i-66, moving in both directions. looks like travel lanes are open. a traffic alert now in fairfax county. in just a few hours, vdot will shut down the left hov ramp from i-66 eastbound that goes to the beltway. that's in the merritt area. that will happen right after the morning rush. vdot says it needs to permanently close that ramp to finish the express lanes project on time. they'll now have to use the ramp on the right side of 66 to get on the beltway. construction workers say, yes, this may cause more backups now, but it should ease up soon.
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>> we live here. we drive through. we're part of the pack. we understand it. we know the end is near and the opening is coming, and there are better times that lie ahead and more options to get in and around northern virginia. >> the new lanes are scheduled to be open before the new year. trains will be single tracking along two sections of the red line between grovesnor and red brook. and trains will also share tracks between ft. totten and prince george's plaza on the green line. >> the roads and rails around here are going to be awesome. >> i hope so. >> soon, somewhere. >> then there will be more cars on the road, more people moving in, and they'll have to redo it all over again. >> 4:54 is your time. talk about an eye opening discovery. coming up at 5:15. >> what is that? >> the mystery over where this massive eyeball came from. but first, the price of using the post office is about to go up again.
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the cost to mail a letter in the u.s. is going up again. starting january 27th, a first class stamp will cost 46 cents. that's up a penny from the current price. if you have those forever stamps, you will not need extra
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postage. u.s. postal service has been battling huge losses in recent years. this year the agency expects to lose a record $15 billion. game four between the nats and cardinals included a special reunion for one family at the ballpark. army sergeant hector banda surprised his wife and kids on the jumbotron. he's been serving in afghanistan for the past five months. during that time, his family has been stationed in germany. they were invited to yesterday's game for a salute to military families. the army asked banda if he wanted to go. >> he asked if i wanted to go sprids her. in order to do that, i'd have to take my leave right away. so i said, hey, why not? let's take leave now. >> the bandas hope to do some sightseeing here in the district and in new york. hope they have a great time. we thank them for their sacrifice. i get teary-eyed every time sacrificing their lives.
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when the reunions happen and it's a surprise. >> always good to see every single time. stay with us. "news 4 today" continues now at 5:00 a.m. are you going to go to war? is that what you want to do now? >> we want to prevent war. >> vice president joe biden and paul ryan go on the attack during the one and only vice presidential debate. and it ain't over till it's over. the dramatic fight that has kids gearing up for game five. >> i could watch that again and again and again. >> i'm eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today" for this friday, october 12th, 2012. we're taking a live look outside. 4:59. 47 degrees. that's pretty cold by my standards. >> i'm on board with


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